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Businesses urged to check electrical equipment as part of fire management plans

An engineering firm is warning employees about the fire risk posed by unsafe electrical equipment.

Allianz Engineering has called on companies to ensure they check their electrical appliances on a regular basis as part of their fire management plans, the Post Online reports.

The Electrical Safety Council estimates that approximately 20,000 fires across the country were started by electrical products in 2007, resulting in 40 deaths.

Steve Ford, special services manager at Allianz, was quoted as saying: "Fire in the workplace can be devastating for a business.

"Not only is there a risk of serious injury or death, but employers could also be left with significant costs in damage and held responsible for the liability costs of injured workers or members of the public."

He also called on employers to ensure they are aware of Electricity at Work Regulations, which outline simple measures that businesses can take to significantly reduce the risk.

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